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Restaurants and Bars around the globe are hurting financially and that means losses for everyone. One of our goals is to supply the legislators of Oklahoma with Ban Loss information. Hopefully, this will make them understand the impact the Smoking Bans are having on everyone. If you think the damage stops with loss of income and jobs, check out our Ban Damage page and ask yourself if this is really what you want for your town.

Contact: Tom Graves

Fight Smoking Bans
Be pro active instead of reactive.
There are only a few Antis taking rights away from a lot of people. There are a lot of smokers, and even more non-smoking folks who are fed up with the Antis taking away personal freedom.

Oklahoma Smokers Information Sheet
Stats on smokers contributions to the State economy. Email all your politicians and media from here. Links for laws.

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Conversation and information relating to smokers and smokers rights everywhere.

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Book Review:
I just finished reading Michael McFadden’s book titled “Dissecting Antismokers’ Brains” and it is a must read!!
Michael does a superb job in explaining the outrageous motivations of the Anti Smoking movement. The general public needs to be made aware of the outright ‘lies’ being feed to us by the Anti’s and the politicians. I urge you to read it and tell everyone else you know to do so also.
Whether you are a smoker or not, you should have a very real concern about the Anti-smoking
Crusaders and Big Pharmaceutical Companies politics to trample on our freedoms!
You can order Michael’s outstanding book by going to:


In 2002, Oklahoma smokers comprised only 26.7% (1) of the adult population in the state. Here is what they already pay because they choose to buy a legal product:

Smokers Pay Excise Taxes (2) $ 58,910,000

Smokers Pay Sales Taxes (2) $ 49,915,000

Smokers Pay Tobacco Settlement Payments3 $ 75,579,000


Smokers’ Economic/Tax Profile 2002

Income (1)

Oklahoma smokers’ median household income $27,157

Oklahoma nonsmokers’ median household income $35,664

Working families pay more (1)

46% of Oklahoma smokers had household incomes LESS THAN $25,000

7% of Oklahoma smokers had household incomes EQUAL TO or GREATER THAN $75,000

The impact of smoker payments on the incomes of working families was more than THREE TIMES the impact on higher income smokers. Those who can afford it least pay a disproportionate percentage of their hard-earned income in smoker payments.

Smoker excise tax/sales tax/tobacco settlement payments liability in 20024

Total avg. paid per Oklahoma smoker in excise and sales taxes $159

Cost per Oklahoma smoker for settlement payments to Oklahoma $111

Total annual payments to Oklahoma per smoker $270

Total annual payments to Oklahoma per nonsmoker $0

Oklahoma Smoker Facts (5)

Total smokers’ FY2003 payments to Oklahoma were:

Nearly three times as large as projected FY2003 state taxes on alcoholic beverages ($65.9 million).

Larger than projected FY2003 corporate net income tax revenues ($133.8 million).

More than twice as large as projected FY2003 inheritance and estate taxes ($83 million).

Smokers’ payments were larger than FY2003 appropriations for:

The Department of Agriculture ($34.9 million) AND Tourism and Recreation ($26.2) million) AND the Public Safety Department ($65.1 million) AND the Department of Veteran Affairs ($24.9 million) AND the Department of Rehabilitation Services ($23.9 million) OR

Career and Technical Education ($126.4 million) OR

The Mental Health Department ($141.2 million).


1. Centers for Disease Control’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, 2002.
2. Orzechowski & Walker, Arlington, Virginia; from state revenue department.
3. Price Waterhouse Cooper.
4. U.S. Census Bureau, 2000 state population and Centers for Disease Control’s Behavioral Risk Surveillance System, 2002
5. Tax and budget comparisons are from the Oklahoma Office of State, Budget Division, Governor’s FY-2004 Executive Budget Book and FY-2004 Executive Budget Book: Historical Data. Both can be found online at

Tobacco Taxes & Revenues

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Tobacco Taxes and Revenues

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Watch out for They offer window decals to businesses, anti-smoking propaganda, lists of restaurants that support them and have gone completely non smoking, and a link to the ridiculous new "Second Hand Smoke" law in Oklahoma that went into effect 1 September. According to them, by 2006 they plan to make the entire state non-smoking except in private residence! This is a catastrophe for my great state and must not be allowed to happen.

March 17, 2003
At lunch today at Coach's in Norman, OK, there was a cameraman and two actors (at least 2 to my knowledge), sitting right behind me in the smoking area.
The cameraman kept asking the one actor on the smoker's side to "light" up but, he didn't really have to light up, and he would record the other actor's reaction to him lighting up.
The cameraman consistently ignored Coach's employees and myself (especially when the supposed smoker of the cigar couldn't get the matches to light and I offered my lighter).
None of the employees in Coach's know where this cameraman came(comes) from or what his purpose was and he apparently never gave an explanation for what he was doing to any of the employees.
I even offered the advice that, instead of his staged smoking scenario, he might want to just go into the non-smoking section and have his actor light up to get a real reaction and he ignored me.
I feel like this is a setup as he and his actors were there for over an hour and his actor never really smoked.
If you see some sort of expose on one of the networks or news channels that was filmed here in Norman, Oklahoma at Coach's and it sounds suspicious, you might want to put out the word that this was a staged film.

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